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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Company Christmas Party Cancelled

Is your company canceling this year's Christmas Party? Let me know. I've become a source for journalists on the growing trend of companies canceling this year's event since my post The Company Christmas Party - Another Casualty of a Tough Economy

If your company is canceling this year's Christmas party:
  • How do you feel - indifferent, angry, relieved?
  • Is this the first year that you can recall the party being canceled?
  • Is your company doing anything as a "substitute" for the party (like having a small in-office social during work hours)?
If your company is not canceling this year's Christmas party:
  • How do you feel? Do you think of it as wasteful spending in this tough economy, or is the office party important to you and your coworkers?
  • Has the party budget been cut at all, or is it as big - or bigger - than ever?
  • If the budget has been cut, let me know how you're saving costs (cheaper location, less food, no free drinks, etc.)
By the way, these questions apply to Christmas parties, holiday parties, end-of-year parties, annual meetings or whatever you company calls the event.

Please tell us about your company Christmas party in the comments section below or email via the contact page. I'll use the stories when speaking with journalists, and you can choose to remain anonymous if you like.
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