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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Company Christmas Party - Another Casualty of a Tough Economy

DURHAM, N.C./PRNewswire -- Small businesses are looking for ways to cut their budgets and one of the first things to go is the holiday party. According to one expert, that's a bad idea. Trim the budget, but don't cut the humor, says corporate comedian Larry Weaver, author of the new eBook, Funny Employee Awards, Your Complete Guide to Organizing a Humorous, Entertaining and Rewarding Recognition Ceremony.

As a comedian who spends the bulk of November through January performing at corporate events, Weaver has seen an alarming trend of corporate party cancellations this year. But if there was ever a time our country needed laughter in the workplace, it's now. Layoffs and bankruptcies are hurting companies and taking morale down with them. Like the country, workers need assurances that we can recover. Rather than canceling the party, Weaver suggests something fun, low-cost, and creative. Recognition is free, and can be more valuable and motivating than money.

"For a company with a history of lavish year-end celebrations, the first impulse during a downturn is to cut the company party altogether," reports Weaver. "This is a mistake. It sends a strong message that the company isn't doing well. Your top performers may already be doing their own year-end introspection. By cutting the celebration, you may be sending a signal that it's time to start sending out resumes."

Weaver's eBook gives tips on how to organize an event to show gratitude and motivate employees. There are 101 professionally designed and funny awards that can be printed, framed, and presented. Award categories range from Job Well Done to Poking Light Fun, and Weaver reveals how to pull off the party without embarrassing anyone or getting in trouble with human resources.

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