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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fake Awards - Free Fake Award Certificates and Trophies

Fake Awards Bring Real Laughs

Ever dream of winning your own Oscar Award, Grammy, Emmy, or Tony Award? Do you already have speech written with a  list of people you want to thank? If so, you should consider hosting your own fake awards show.

The best place to turn your awards show dream into reality is right in front of you: the office. (I mean, you are reading this at work, right?) Every business is looking for ways to cut costs at the office party, and a fake awards show is a fun, low-cost meeting idea.

Host Your Own Fake Awards Show:
  1. Set up a fake red carpet outside the office meeting space.
  2. Hire a fake photographer to pose as a faux paparazzi as guests arrive.
  3. Serve fake cocktails ("mocktails") to save money and reduce liability.
  4. Have the office jokester serve as the fake emcee for the event.
  5. Hand out fake awards certificates or fake trophies to the winners.
Think of it... you could fulfill your awards show dream with just an old prom dress, a themed office party and a little bit of creativity. So what are you waiting for? Tell the party planning committee that  you have a great office party idea!

And remember the old saying: fake it 'till you make it.

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