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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Money-Saving Office Party Ideas

Associated Press writer Joyce Rosenberg recently penned an excellent article, "Go ahead with holiday parties, even if money's short." The article extols the virtues of forging ahead with the company party - even in the face of a tough economy.

Rosenberg also lists many excellent money-saving ideas to help cut costs on the holiday party:

  • Hold a potluck affair, which can appeal to staffers who love to cook and show off to their co-workers. The boss should still contribute something, perhaps beverages and a cake, and be as generous as possible.
  • If the staff is small, the owner might have everyone over to his or her house for brunch, or a cocktail party.
  • Have your parties onsite rather than in a restaurant or catering hall or club.
  • Skip the alcohol, or serve only wine and beer.
  • Hold parties during off-peak times. Thursdays in December are the most popular and therefore the most expensive dates, so some companies are putting their celebrations off until January.
  • Barter your company's work for dinner at a local restaurant.

Read the full article here. What cost-cutting ideas would you add to this list? Post your comments below or answer this question on LinkedIn Answers

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