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Monday, November 14, 2011

Funny Certificates to Give

My new book Funny Awards Certificates: 101 Humorous Awards to Give Family, Friends, and Coworkers (1st Edition) is now on sale!

This collection is a little different from past award collections. I originally wrote "Funny Employee Awards" to give managers and bosses a way to have fun with employees, volunteers or staff without offending or getting into trouble with Human Resources.

"Funny Award Certificates" is a more peer-to-peer product. As the title states, I designed these awards for you to give to family, friends, coworkers - and even teammates.

Check out my new YouTube video for a peek inside the book:

New to this edition is the ability to edit both the Award Title and the Award Description. If this functionality proves popular, I will incorporate it into future versions of "Funny Employee Awards". Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

And here's a press release that went out today announcing the new book:
"Does the thought of holiday parties evoke images of awkward conversations around the family dinner table or never-ending White Elephant gift swaps? Comedian Larry Weaver feels your pain."
Funny Award Certificates – 101 Funny Awards to Give Friends, Family and Coworkers

I hope this book will help you liven up your family reunions, alumni gatherings, neighborhood parties, and office events!

Take a look: Funny Award Certificates

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