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Monday, June 7, 2010

Humor in the Workplace

The Daily Journal takes a thorough look at humor in the workplace in their article, "Main Street: Even in business, laughter is the best medicine." Co-authors Don Daake and Edward Piatt offer their own take on Academy of Management Perspective article by Eric J. Romero and Kevin W. Cruthirds. The latter wrote:

"Humor is more than just funny concepts; it represents a multifunctional management tool that can be used to achieve many objectives. ... Managers can use humor to reduce stress and enhance leadership, group cohesiveness, communication, creativity and organizational culture."

Daake and Piatt offer three benefits and three warnings on the use of humor in the workplace.

Benefits of Workplace Humor

  1. Humor has a way of building group cohesion, enhancing communication and increasing job satisfaction.
  2. Humor can enhance communication because it awakens positive emotions and helps listening, understanding and the acceptance of messages.
  3. Humor can reduce stress.

Cautions When Using Workplace Humor

  1. The use of inappropriate ethnic and sexist jokes, personal insults or humiliation is out.
  2. It is OK to use a little self-deprecating humor, but when overdone, it can be seen as self-defeating humor.
  3. Never use humor as way to dominate or humiliate another person.

Read the full article at Even though this is my introduction to Romero and Cruthirds work, I put all of these guidelines to use when writing my collection of Funny Workplace Awards. The awards are not meant to embarrass, only to entertain. And you won't have to worry about getting in trouble with the HR department because the awards are all in good fun. Check them out for yourself:

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