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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Funny Awards for Real Estate Agents

I'm looking to create some funny awards for real estate agents. Let's face it - the industry could use a few good laughs this year. And with office party budgets getting cut, fun awards are a great way for realtors to cut loose and have fun without breaking the bank. I need ideas from real estate agents, apartment managers, appraisers, office staff, mortgage brokers - anyone involved in the real estate industry.

fun awards for real estate agents

These are for awards that you might hand out to coworkers at an end-of-the-year awards ceremony. Plays on real estate terms like absentee owner, A.R.M, easement, junior lien, short sale, etc. make great award names. Examples might be:
  • The Short Sale Award - for the agent always coming up short on sales
  • The Absentee Owner Award - for the boss who is never in the office
  • The Sham Wow Award - for the agent always cleaning up messes
I really just need ideas and terms specific to the real estate industry. Don't worry too much about making the awards funny - I can do that. If I get a strong enough response, I'll put the collection together in a new eBook called "Funny Awards for Real Estate Agents" as a companion to my current best-seller Funny Employee Awards. And if I up use your funny award idea in the eBook, I'll make sure you get a complimentary copy when it comes out.

My preference is for you to submit your award ideas here. But you can also post in the comments section or email me directly. 

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Debra Mennins said...

That's a phenomenal (and budget conscious) idea! How about a certificate saying "Best dream house in Friday the 13th Series: Sold By:"

Erica White said...

That's a nice idea Debra! These hilarious award titles encourages them to make the best quality out of their jobs.

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Maia Dobson said...

Those are quite funny award ideas. I think these award titles should also be adopted by home builders in their builder website to motivate their workers.