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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Office Party Ideas - Fun Meeting Ideas

The office: it’s a place to earn an honest living, a place to use your skills and best of all, a place to spend hours surfing for useless junk on eBay™ and get paid for it.

But within every place of business, there comes a time when it becomes necessary to give those who toil there a “thank you” that’s bigger than just dental coverage.

And that’s where the office party comes in. You've tried lots of ideas for a fun office meeting. Now it's time to revisit one of the classic office party ideas: the Employee Awards Ceremony.
This ceremony is all about having a good time, and at the same time showing some gratitude for those who are down in the cubicle trenches with you every Monday through Friday.

But most of all, it’s about fun.

Sure, you could gather everyone together in some conference room and hand out plaques reading “Best Salesman” or “MVW” (Most Valuable Worker), but where’s the fun in that? Funny awards are where it’s at. They give thanks while simultaneously making sure everyone has a good time. Your employees don’t want to sit through a dry presentation any more than you want to give one. We all suffer enough at our jobs without the supposedly fun times adding to the misery.

So how, you ask, do you put on a lively presentation that will be a guaranteed good time for everyone in the office? Start by downloading this "Funny Employee Awards" eBook, and you’re halfway there.

You'll find everything you need to know about organizing a ceremony, along with plenty of helpful tips. And most important, you’ll get 101 awards certificates that will be appropriate for everyone around the office, no matter the employee or the type of business.

An this isn't just for the Christmas party, Holiday party or whatever you call the year-end party. You can give out funny awards throughout the year at staff meetings, sales meetings, all hands meetings, or partial hands meetings. It's always a good idea to add laughter in the workplace.

So put your phone straight to voicemail, grab a highlighter, hit the snack machine for a bag of Funyuns and get started.

When it's over, everyone will be praising you for the best office party idea ever.

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