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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How to Hire an Office Party Comedian

If you're considering hiring an office party comedian (which may include stand-up comedians, humorous speakers, jugglers and magicians), it is important to find an act that’s both clean and experienced in front of corporate crowds. You’re paying not just for the show, but for peace of mind. After all, if the performer offends your coworkers, it makes you look bad!

Corporate comedians typically cost more than “club” performers. The reason is that clean, corporate comedy is much harder than a nightclub performance. You have to have an act with wide appeal that won’t offend anyone in the audience. There are thousands of club performers across the country, but only a handful that can do a clean, corporate show. You’re not just paying for the jokes they tell — you’re paying for the jokes they don’t tell.

General Considerations:
__Will overnight lodging and travel be required?
__If so, are these included or on top of the quoted fee?
__Can the performer provide the sound system, if needed?
__Has the act played events similar to yours?

Evaluation Checklist:
__Promotional Materials
__Professional Affiliations
__Clean Material
__Technical Requirements

If the event is dinner and a show, then it’s just a matter of working with your entertainment advisor to choose a comedian, juggler or magician. You’ll need a stage or similar performing area and amplified sound (which the performer or venue can often provide). A show lasting between 30 and 60 minutes is often best, as guests may become restless after that time.

You often pay many times more for the meal than for the entertainer (on a per person basis), when in fact the evening’s program is probably far more important than the meal. Consider the true value-per-person-attending when deciding on your entertainment investment.

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