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Monday, November 10, 2008

How to Toast Your Boss at an Office Party

Ever have to toast your boss at a company party? In this clip from "Arrested Development" Tom's attempt to praise his boss backfire when his coworkers laugh at his toast:

How to Toast Your Boss:

  • Start by saying thanks for the party and the work that went into planning the event.
  • Repeat a popular phrase or anecdote that your boss frequently uses, being careful not to mock him or her. ("Like Sally always says, all we had to do to win the race is to keep turning left.")
  • If your boss is disliked, share a story that makes him or her look good by praising your coworker's accomplishments ("This division exceeded it's goals this year, under the leadership of Bob.)
  • Keep it brief. The less you say, the less chance you have to slip up.

What advice do you have for toasting your boss at corporate event?

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