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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Use End of the Year Awards Year-Round

Most people who buy funny awards do so for end-of-the-year celebrations. But humor in the workplace should be used year-round, not just in December. Here's an excellent case study of using our funny recognition awards year-round sent in by Cindy Collver:
Having a fairly new sales department (we got rid of the old "barnacles" that were clogging us up), I needed something to use as an on-going way of keeping my reps motivated and laughing (because laughter is the best motivator and medicine).
Contrary to how probably many companies use the Funny Employee Awards (once a year…most likely around Christmas – when after a few cocktails everything’s funny anyway), I’m choosing to use these awards when the opportunity presents itself in the here and now….
  • Could be in a sales meeting;
  • Could be an impromptu "YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!" moment;
  • Could be taped to the ceiling – just to see how long it takes them to notice;
  • Could be just because it’s 4:34 p.m. on Wednesday.
And with 101 options to choose from, it’s a better deal than the House of Flavors 50 choices of ice cream.
- Cindy Collver Sales Administrator JTV, Inc.
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Thanks Cindy! We'd like to hear how your company uses our awards. Please let us know by submitting a review or case study.

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