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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Funny Office Party Stories - Worst Office Party Ever

I'm looking for funny or embarrassing office party stories for an upcoming radio interview. If they involve heavy drinking, too much PDA, inappropriate comments or unwelcome advances, all the better! Here are some classic examples:
  • Employee who drank too much and made a fool of themselves.
  • Employee's date or spouse drank too much and made a fool of the employee.
  • Boss or manager made an inappropriate comment or joke during their speech.
  • Boss or manager made an unwelcome advance on an employee.
  • Two people wore the exact same outfit.
  • Hired entertainment (band, comedian, etc.) made inappropriate comments on stage or embarrassed high-ranking company officials.
  • Hired entertainment caused a ruckus before, during or after their performance.
  • Coworkers got a little too amorous with each other.
Foot-in-Mouth AwardI'd especially like to hear about inappropriate use of humor or awkward award presentations. Of course this site is dedicated to funny workplace awards that won't embarrass anyone or get you in trouble with human resources.

I'll use the stories when speaking with journalists, and you can choose to remain anonymous if you like.

Please tell us about your embarrassing or funny office party stories in the comments section below or email me through our contact page.
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