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Friday, April 17, 2015

Administrative Assistant Day - Free Certificate of Appreciation

Administrative Assistant Day is actually a misnomer for Administrative Professionals' Day, although no one really calls it that. [Queue best Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade voice] Some folks call it Secretary's Day, some folks call it Executive Admin Day, some folks call it Office Managers Day...

No matter what you call it, the unofficial holiday occurs on the Wednesday of the last full week of April. If one day isn't enough time for you to celebrate, the entire week is known as Administrative Professionals Week (formerly known as Secretary's Week).

Free Administrative Assistant Appreciation Certificate

Nurse of the Year Award Certificate

The best gift for administrative assistant's day is something homemade and from the heart. Quickly customize your own "Admin Appreciation" Award Certificate with our free printable PDF.  You can type directly onto the certificate template and add your own message before printing. Within seconds you'll have a unique award that will bring smiles to your favorite Executive-Admin-Professional-etary! Just click the link to download the PDF and enjoy!

Typical gifts for Secretary's Day include cards, pins, flowers, gift certificates, lunch, and gift baskets. The  International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) suggests that employers support the holiday by providing training opportunities for their administrative staff through continuing education, self-study materials, or seminars.

So throw a party. Buy some gifts. Arrange some training.

Just don't ask your Administrative Assistant to plan their own party. What are you, a cast member from Mad Men? This is their day to enjoy!

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