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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Office Superlatives - Most Likely Superlatives Ideas for Business, Work

Office superlatives are a great way to add laughter to this year's holiday office party. You remember superlatives from high school: most likely to succeed, most popular, friendliest... Don't worry, I didn't get one, either. But now is our chance! The workplace is full of potential superlative awards.

office superlatives
The Loch Ness Award for least likely to be found.

Business superlatives can be good or bad, usually taking the form of "most likely to" or "least likely to". They typically take the form of "[Award Title] for most/least likely to [attribute]." There are lots of people in the office who are worthy of work superlatives. They include:
The hard part in creating office superlative awards is making them funny. After all, the idea is to create a few laughs, not awkward tension. That's why we've assembled a team of top comedians and office workers to do the work for you. The result: 101 Funny Employee Awards. Download the certificates and start handing out office superlatives right away!

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