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Friday, December 2, 2011

Humorous Office Awards

Humorous Office Awards
The most humorous office awards are the ones that are also funny to the recipient. Here are some ideas for your workplace awards:

Embarrassing Moments at Work
A great source of inspiration for funny awards comes from some of the most embarrassing moments at work.

Whether it was walking into the wrong bathroom, wearing two different shoes to the office, or getting locked in the copy room, these humorous stories become the stuff of office legend.

At one Christmas office party I hosted for a propane gas company, a worker's truck had broken down. He pulled off the road and left the truck in the first available parking space. Turns out he left the truck right in front of... you guessed it - a strip club! 

His boss took pictures of the worker's truck in front of a strip club and they're still laughing about it nearly a year later. That story and picture will live on in office folklore forever. 

What humorous situations have happened at your workplace? 

Funny Quotes
Another great source of humorous office awards are funny quotes. The funniest quotes are typically misquotes. Perhaps your President hilariously mixed up the company slogan during a big motivational speech. Instant classic!

What was the funniest quote or misquote at your organization over the past year? 

Overused Phrases
Overused phrases are rampant in the workplace. They range from archaic industry jargon, to indecipherable acronyms, to "clever" phrases cooked up by management to motivate employees. 

A former boss of mine used a NASCAR-inspired quote in a big rallying speech - "Keep turning left." You can imagine the fun we had with that phrase. 

What overused phrase do your co-workers make fun of?

Use these ideas to create your own humorous office awards and please share your ideas in the comments section!

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motivational speaker said...

It would be more humorous if the recipient of this Humorous Office Award had delivered a speech. Anyway, this was a great idea. I wish we had an award portion in the office too. It would be a funny show for sure.