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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Funny Employee Recognition Awards

Funny Employee Recognition Awards
Fact: Employees love recognition. Most prefer positive recognition, but sometimes any recognition is a good thing.

The above photo is from a recent employee recognition program I hosted. I'm handing out the classic "TGIFriday's Award for most excited about the weekend". This recognition always gets a good response because every workplace has (at least) one person who can't wait to punch out on Friday.

This is also a great example of a funny employee recognition award that doesn't embarrass or overly poke fun at the recipient.

My awards are all about having fun without making fun.

Need more funny employee recognition awards? I've got dozens of them. You'll find them all here:
Funny Employee Awards
"As far as more recognition goes, I am happy with the amount of love and respect I have received from other artists and the public. Of course, I would love more, and think I deserve it." - Suzi Quatro

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