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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Company Party Ideas

Fun Awards Show
The end of Summer is drawing near, and it's high time to begin thinking about your holiday party entertainment. This year, do something completely unique and hold your own Fun Awards Show hosted by Comedian Larry Weaver.

We're pulling out all of the stops this year to make this the best company party idea ever. This live entertainment concept is a unique and humorous way to show appreciation to your employees, volunteers or staff.

Just like the Oscars or the Emmys, the performance begins with  an opening comedy monologue full of customized jokes just for your company or organization.

Larry will work with you prior to the show to help you choose from the hundreds of exclusive funny company awards. His intention is never to embarrass, and Larry knows how to choose employee award winners.

Larry has headlined over 1,000 comedy shows in 37 states. He has the experienced needed to make your work party a huge success.

This show is not just for Christmas office parties. It's also perfect for employee awards programs, staff appreciation banquets, volunteer recognition events, family reunions, church functions, or any event that could use some good, clean fun!

If you're looking for office party games or  company party ideas, you'll find them on this site. Contact Larry Weaver at Fun Awards today to have the best company party ever!

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