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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weiner Award - Create your own funny Weiner Certificate

I feel as though we need to apologize for the Weiner Award in advance. We try to stay classy here at, but really... how can we pass up offering you a free Weiner award?

Again, all apologies to Rep. Weiner. But I must implore everyone to stop taking photos of yourself and sending them over the Internet. They're going to eventually end up... well, on the Internet. If you're using a Droid, at least turn of the "Send Twitter messages by text" feature. It's easy to mess up. Not that I would know.

Submit Your Caption
Anyway, back to Weiner. I chose not to put an explanation for the award on the certificate. I mean, I could have went with "Weiner Award for most likely to send junk emails" but I really want to hear your ideas.

So post your ideas in the comments section. Just remember: keep it classy!

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