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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Funny Christmas Party Themes - Awards Show

Looking for unique and funny Christmas party themes? Planning a year-end meeting or holiday party and want to have the best event ever? Then roll out the red carpet and host your very own awards show! We'll give you step-by-step instructions for throwing a party that people will talk about all year!

Unless you work for an extremely small company, don't try to plan the Christmas party alone. Put together a selection committee of 2-3 people who know most everyone in the office. You need a group to discuss your coworkers likes, dislikes, personalities and preferences.. Something you might consider incredibly fun, they might consider offensive. Read The Office Party Planning Committee

When choosing your award recipients, make sure you have the biggest characters in the office covered. The awards ceremony will only be as good as the winners, and an event filled with boring acceptance speeches won’t be much fun for anyone. Read How to Choose Employee Award Winners

Consider hiring a professional comedian to really liven things up. Just like a real Awards show, have the comedian perform an opening stand-up comedy routine. Then begin the awards show portion of the evening. As your employees come up to claim the Awards, the comedian can prompt them for a little back story and “acceptance speech”. Read How to Hire an Office Party Comedian

Low cost touches to make your awards show special:
  1. Set up a red carpet outside the meeting space (check your local remnant store for deals).
  2. Station a photographer to pose as paparazzi as guests arrive.
  3. Serve "mocktails" to make the evening festive.
  4. Have a professional comedian or someone funny serve as the emcee for the event.
  5. Hand out funny awards certificates or funny trophies to the winners.
Want to read more about putting on this funny Christmas party theme? Start by downloading this "Funny Employee Awards" eBook, and you’re halfway there.

You'll find everything you need to know about organizing a ceremony, along with plenty of helpful tips. And most important, you’ll get 101 awards certificates t that will be appropriate for everyone around the office, no matter the employee or the type of business.

When it's over, everyone will be praising you for the best Christmas party ever.

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