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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Office Christmas Party Planning Committee

In this clip from The Office, the head of the Christmas party committee throws out the Stanford representative for having "bad" ideas. Can you relate?

Unless you work for an extremely small company, don't try to plan the Christmas party alone. Put together a selection committee of 2-3 people who know most everyone in the office. You need a group to suss out your coworkers likes, dislikes, personalities and preferences.. Something you might consider incredibly fun, they might consider a bore - or even worse, offensive.

A committee also protects you from shouldering all of the responsiblity should something go wrong. If something falls flat, you have the comfort of knowing you ran it past your committee.

But what do you do when disagreements arise within the group? How do you handle the different strong personalities?

Please share your ideas for handling committee conflicts in the comments section.

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