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Monday, July 13, 2009

Low-Cost Employee Recognition Ideas

The Chicago Tribune praised the benefits of employee recognition ideas like the funny awards found on this site in their article, "Improving employee morale with incentives a challenge in tough economic times".

The article explains that recognition and prizes - no matter how small - tend to pay off when they reflect a positive work environment.

"When budgets become tighter, you have to become more creative and we have creative people," said Jennifer Zuri, a marketing communications manager at Aquascape. Zuri resurrected a dormant committee in charge of boosting employee morale.

Zuri has planned no-cost employee recognition programs like a "wallyball" tournament and office Olympics. Prizes range from bobbleheads bearing the likeness of the company's founder, to certificates she printed and framed.
"It can be very shallow stuff..." said Tom McMullen, an expert in incentives at management consulting firm Hay Group. But even hanging a picture of an employee of the month can be meaningful if it contributes to a healthy workplace. "If that picture on the wall is part of a bigger thing -- a work climate -- it's very powerful," McMullen said.
As we've said on this blog before, employee recognition doesn't have to break the bank. If you have a positive work environment, even the smallest of employee recognition can pay big dividends.

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PHWP_Online said...

Great post! As you stated, it doesn’t take a lot of money to make employees feel valued and appreciated.

Not only does acknowledging employee efforts increase employee satisfaction, morale, and self-esteem but it can help the organization by creating greater employee engagement and productivity, lower turnover and increase the ability to attract and retain top quality employees.