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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Top 10 Funny Awards for Restaurant Staff

As the year comes to an end, it's the perfect time to add some fun to your restaurant's team appreciation efforts. Celebrate the unique and sometimes hilarious traits of your staff with these top 10 funny awards. Whether you have a server who's a master at upselling or a cook who's always ready to tackle kitchen disasters, these awards are sure to bring smiles and laughter to your end-of-year ceremony.

Top 10 Funny Awards for Restaurant Staff

1. The Eighty Six Award

For the waitstaff member who always seems to be out of something. Is there a server in your team who always seems to be 86-ing menu items? This award is for them, recognizing their unique talent for running out of specials just when they're needed most.

2. The Weed Whacker Award

For the staff member who can handle any situation. Got a team member who can navigate the busiest shifts with ease? This award goes to the one who can "whack" through the "weeds" of a busy restaurant without breaking a sweat.

3. Jack and the Beanstalk Award

For the best at upselling. This one's for the server who could sell snow to a snowman. They have a knack for upselling, turning a simple order into a feast fit for a king.

4. The Mix-Up Maestro Award

For the one who always gets orders creatively wrong. Mixing up orders can be an art. This award is for that one person who consistently surprises guests with their creative interpretations of orders.

5. The Spinning Plates Award

For the multitasking magician. This award is for the staff member who can handle multiple tasks at once – taking orders, serving food, and maybe even doing a bit of magic on the side – all without dropping a single plate.

6. The Daily Special Forget-Me-Not Award

For the one who can never remember the specials. Is there someone who always draws a blank when asked about the daily specials? This award is a humorous nod to their selective memory.

7. The Clean Sweep Award

For the most efficient busser. This goes to the busboy or busgirl who keeps tables cleaner than a whistle. They're the unsung heroes who ensure a fresh start for every guest.

8. The Fire Extinguisher Award

For the chef who's a master of disaster control. Every kitchen has that one chef who can handle any culinary catastrophe with grace. This award is for them, the calm in the culinary storm.

9. The Cash Register Chime Award

For the cashier who makes every customer smile. This is for the cashier who greets every customer with a smile and a joke, making the chime of the cash register a sound of joy.

10. The Order Overachiever Award

For the food runner who goes the extra mile. This award is for the food runner who does more than just deliver food. They ensure every dish is perfect and every guest is happy, going above and beyond with every step.

Recognizing your staff's hard work and unique personalities is a fantastic way to end the year on a high note. For more creative and humorous award ideas, be sure to visit Fun Awards. You'll find a plethora of awards that cater to every role in your restaurant, ensuring everyone gets the recognition they deserve with a good dose of fun!

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