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Monday, November 26, 2012

Funny Awards for Work Party

Funny Awards for Work are are a great way to liven up an office party, company meeting, or just the daily routine. But how do you incorporate funny workplace awards while ensuring everyone has a good time?
Funny work awards can be a huge hit at your next event!
CIO magazine outlines the benefits of workplace humor in their article, Humor Does a World of Good in the Workplace. They suggest that humor needs to come from the top down.

"Managers need to set the tone for levity. The first place to start is by looking in the mirror."

As someone who has hosted dozens of workplace awards ceremonies across the U.S., I couldn't' agree more. I always encourage the organizations to kick off the funny work certificates presentation with someone in a managerial role. It lets workers know that it's OK to laugh at the awards.

The best funny workplace awards are the ones that hit closest to home. The article points out, "Whether it’s the suck-up employee, the bottleneck-causing boss or the showman-style CEO, every workplace has its foibles."

My suggestion for creating funny award categories for work is to start with the biggest "characters" in your workplace. Pick out the co-workers who will relish the spotlight. Make a list of what are they known for. Examples include always being late, eating other people's food, and extending meetings. Use these characteristics to create your list of funny work award ideas.

The article does caution that some topics should be off limits. "Of course, some things should not be made light of in the workplace—a person’s faith, ethnicity or sexual preference. Jokes on these issues may provoke hurt or cause harm. When in doubt, keep your mouth shut."

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