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Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Office Party Games

See this set on Flickr: Funny Office Awards

I got this nice review from a user in Australia this week:
"While surfing the internet to find some good certificates for my staff the only one which we really enjoyed was this site. Both myself and my assistant found them to be humorous. I would recommend this site to anyone." - Nellie H. Tullamarine, VIC, Australia
Thanks Nellie! There's a reason that is the best and only place you should turn to for office awards and Christmas office party games -- I'm a professional comedian.

And I'm not just a professional comedian who sits behind a keyboard guessing what office workers and staff will find funny -- I'm out on the road year-round performing at office parties. I know what makes office workers laugh.

Take a look at the pictures above. Those people are having fun!

December is my busy season. Between office Christmas parties and end-of-the-year holiday celebrations, I'll be spending much of the month flying all over performing live at office parties. This experience allows me to come up with the best and most humorous office awards for your staff.

If I'm not coming to your office party this year, don't worry. I've made it easy for you to have your own fun office awards event. Just download the certificates, print, and share. It's easy!

Get started! Go to Funny Office Awards.

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Rachel said...

Haha, I would so win this one: