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Monday, November 17, 2008

7 Reasons Not to Cancel the Office Christmas Party

So your boss says there's no office Christmas party this year? Not so fast! Instead of accepting your fate, fire back a business case outlining the reasons for keeping the holiday tradition. Here are seven expert opinions to get you started...
"Christmas is fast approaching - it is the time to make people feel special, to honor their contribution, to notice what they do. And to celebrate what was achieved. People won’t mind if what you do is smaller, less expensive. But doing nothing is not an option." - Naomi Simson, Author; The Christmas cruch
"...the Christmas party is a necessary reward and a morale booster. Our people are our greatest asset and we require the very best talent to help our clients through the current difficult times." - Carmel O'Connor, human relations executive with PricewaterhouseCoopers Ireland; Demise of office party greatly exaggerated
"...there's a fine line between cutting to the bone and cutting your own corporate throat... cancelling the office holiday party sends the wrong message to whatever employees remain... the annual get-togethers can help workers get to know each other better and strengthen ties when morale is low." - City News, Canada; Why you may not be getting much of an office Christmas party this year
"...paring down a party may make sense, but canceling it can prove damaging. A year-end celebration can help workers get to know and trust one another in an era when turnover and telecommuting can make that difficult." - John A. Challenger, chief executive of Challenger, Gray & Christmas; In tough times, the office Christmas party is getting downsized
"The awful irony is that when organisations don't promote networking opportunities then individuals become less efficient and ultimately that costs the company more... People work best when there is a sense of familiarity and cutting out the Christmas party undermines that." - Dr. Simon Moss, Monash University psychology lecturer; Financial crisis kills the office Christmas party
"...employers should be wary about scrapping [the Christmas party] in response to the economic downturn because the long term impact could be damaging on employee engagement and organisational performance. As reward becomes ever more individual, the Christmas party is one way of reminding staff that they are part of a common endeavour." - Charles Cotton, CIPD Reward Adviser; Christmas spirit prevailing in British organisations
"...before you go cutting back on the festivities this holiday season, think about the repercussions on your employee's morale and motivation. Such penny-pinching can be a huge mistake. It sends a strong message that the company isn't doing well. Instead, this low-cost holiday celebration alternative that'll leave them rolling in the aisles." - Larry Weaver, Author; Cut the budget (but not the Humor) at your holiday party
Hey, I'd listen to that last guy. He really seems to know what he's talking about...


John Lloyd said...

Canceling Office Christmas Party can really make us upset. After you work hard planning for it, it will only be canceled? That was a big NO, NO!
As far as I know, Christmas Party is for everyone!

Marie Warren said...

That was a big NO, NO!
As far as I know, Christmas Party is for everyone!

Completely agree Christmas party is great and we should keep them